Seed Sprouter Tray Kit: 240pcs

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This is a premium seed sprouter tray. Made from high quality paper material, it is safe to use. Sprouting without soil or chemical additives. It can sprout multiple types of seeds. Also can used as a storage tray for holding fruits and vegetables. With these organic peat pot trays, you can finally start working towards your dream garden.


- Color: Brown.
- Material: Paper.
- Top Size: 6cm.
- Bottom Size: 4cm.
- Height: 6cm.
- Main function: sprout multiple types of seeds, great for transplanting plants without causing root circulation or harm.
- The sprout tray with hole design at the bottom, ventilate well, guard against root rotting.
- Made of high quality paper, it is wear resistant and light, easy to move.
- Perfectly size for starting flowers, herbs, and vegetable saplings like tomatoes and cucumbers.

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