Faceted Wood Cedar Air Plant Holder: Medium

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These planters are hand-made from reclaimed red cedar. They are designed to hold a single air plant which is included with each stand. No two planters are the same, they are all cut by hand and have their own unique wood grain. They're made with naturally weather resistant solid red cedar so they work great for plants.

The medium planter stands are about 2.5 to 3 inches tall, each planter varies in size depending on it's shape. The medium size planter holds a medium air plant,

If you'd like to add an air plant or succulent to your home or office. These cedar air plant holders add a unique style to a window sill or desk. They're finished with a handmade mixture of pure beeswax and tung oil so they retain the wonderful cedar smell.

Air plant Care: Caring for air plants is very simple. Every few days you should spritz with water, or submerge in water once a week. The white fuzz or fur is normal, although if the plant begins to develop mold at it's base it has been over watered. If the tips begin to turn brown you plant needs more water. submerge in water for 5 to 10 minutes, then water more frequently. Bathrooms with a shower and some sunlight are great because they naturally absorb moisture from the air.

  • Note: each stand is unique–design may vary
  • Made from reclaimed red cedar
  • Includes air plant